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Paint Your Master Bedroom In Style

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Paint Your Master Bedroom In Style


Painting, renovating, and designing your master bedroom can feel like a tall order for a homeowner. We understand your pain and are here to help! The master bedroom is where you seek rest and relaxation after a long day of hard work. You deserve a master bedroom that is a source of comfort and reflects your unique style. Making a master bedroom that has both qualities can be tough. You can have an idea for what you want in your bedroom but still, need the right professionals to execute it.  

Executive Painting Services is here to provide painting services in Orange County and Sullivan County. Their professional staff will take all your renovation worries off your shoulders.  


There are numerous ways to design and paint a master bedroom. First and foremost, you have to decide on the essential changes that you want in your bedroom. Ask yourself these questions: 


  • Do I need a wallpaper? 

  • How many walls do I get painted? 

  • Should I get all 4 walls painted the same? 

  • Do I want a block or patterned design? 

  • Should I use pastel colors? 

  • Do I need a matte, glossy, eggshell, or satin finish on my walls? 

  • Will the color match my drapes and furniture?  

  • Do I want a larger closet/wardrobe? 


There are many other factors that you need to think about. We are here to look out for your best interests and provide you with a solution that is not only affordable but also fits your requirements completely.  


To help you breakdown your choices and decide on a color scheme for your bedroom, we will categorize the color palette into 4 categories: 


Analogous: This type of color scheme can make your bedroom look sleeker and give off a relaxing look. It uses colors next to each on the color scheme, such as red and yellow, and blue and green.  


Monochromatic: This look will give a very stylish look to your master bedroom, your very own sanctuary. It employs a single color painted in different tones and shades, some light and some dark. For a more defined look, white and black paint are used with each other.  


Contrast: A more intense look is achieved by mixing and matching colors. Contrast brings out energy and vibrancy in your master bedroom. For example, painting pink with purple or blue with green on your walls.  


Complementary: Using complementary colors can create a dramatic effect and a bold look. In this color scheme, two opposing colors are painted, which match the room’s energy like black with yellow and green with red.  


The experts at Executive Painting Services have you covered, from planning to painting! Trust us with your vision, and our trained professionals will not disappoint. Visit our website or call us on +1 845-604-8040. 

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