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Redesign Your House


Executive Painting Services is a family-owned, local, licensed, and insured business that offers painting and construction of interiors and exteriors for residential and commercial spaces.  


Are you thinking about getting some work done at your house or making some improvements to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or patio? Don’t know where or how to start? Well, Executive Painting Services is here to set your mind at ease. We offer a range of unique services to help you make your house your dream home. We have a well-experienced, qualified staff and the best tools, so rest assured that you are in good hands. 


From planning to construction, we’ve got you covered! We will guide and advise you on every important decision, like colors, themes, and designs, right from the beginning and execute your vision. At Executive Painting Services, your satisfaction is a top priority. 


Executive Painting Services Co. LLC is located in Orange and Sullivan County, New York, and we are dedicated to serving people in the community. Our trusted employees are ready to provide high-quality renovation and redesigning services and fulfill your needs every step of the way. 


So, what do our painting services in Orange and Sullivan County entails?  

  • Power washing – In this process, all excess residues are scrubbed off from your house’s exterior. Power washing gets rid of oil, mold, and old paint on the surface so that the new paint can set and absorb better.  


  • Painting and staining – When redesigning your house and renovating its exterior, consider if your deck and walls can endure harsh winds and extreme weather conditions. Hence, staining your outdoor deck will give a protective layer to its surface and make you worry-free in the long run.  


  • Epoxy treatment – Epoxy resin is a chemical compound that can make your floors, countertops, and surfaces significantly sturdy, shiny, and durable. It’s used in the lamination of your house’s walls and decks to create a novel, creative look.  


  • Construction and repairs – If you want to make your room more spacious, break down the foyer, or create a larger closet. Executive Painting Services has got you covered. Our trained and experienced staff will construct and renovate your house with specialized tools to turn it into the home of your dreams. 


Share your ideas, and trust us to make them a reality! No decision will be made without discussing it with you. When working with us, you can expect to be briefed on each step of the redesign/renovation process. We are proud to serve happy clients, ensuring they are satisfied with our services.  

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