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Best Painting Service to Paint Your Foyer

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A foyer is the entryway to your house, the entrance that establishes the first impression and warmly welcomes your guests. The significance of having a beautiful foyer that connects the main entrance with the rest of the house in an appealing way cannot be understated.  

As such, it is important that your foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house. Everything from the space, decorations as well as paint has to be perfect. 

In this article we show you why you need Executive Painting Services in your corner to get the most out of your foyer.  

Deciding Which Foyer Paint Color to Get 

Foyer paint dictates what kind of color you want for the rest of the house. For example, if you’re going for light colors, you want to make sure that your kitchen walls, living room, staircase, and corridors all contrast with the color. Hence, painting of foyers is most often the first step of interior painting of an entire house.  

If your foyer is off-white or white, or any other light color, you want to make sure the rest of the house is painted in light colors too. Additionally, you want to use decorations to add some pizzazz to the space.  

If you’re going for a darker color that pops and grabs attention, cluttering the space with further decorations might make it seem unattractive. Finding the balance is the key. 


Foyer Painting Services 

Executive Painting Services has you covered, from assisting you in selecting the right color combination to executing your vision, we provide utmost excellence and professionalism to our clients.  

Offering services in Orange and Sullivan counties of New York, we have the staff, expertise and skills to manage all manner of foyer painting projects. Whether it’s a two-storey house or a tall entry way, no task is too difficult for our professional painting staff. 

Our Foyer painting services will include:  

  • Damage Control: We will ensure the safety of your floors and walls. Everything will be covered with plastic sheets and drop cloths for the remainder of the project.  

  • Pre-painting Preparation: All the stains, cracks and linings are covered and painted to begin from an even surface.  

  • Painting: Priming of walls is done and a fresh layer of paint is used for a beautiful shiny look.  

  • Cleaning: We will make sure that nothing has been disrupted or no excess is made. We guarantee cleaning and re-shifting of every object or ornament once the task is done.  

  • Approval: We double check everything and make sure the job is done to perfection. We do not feel complacent until our client is satisfied with the work.  

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to get more information about our completed projects and the services we offer.  

Call us +1 845-604-8040 or email at to find out more!  


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