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Dark vs Neutral-Colored Walls

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Deciding on which colors to use for painting different rooms in your house can be challenging. You might not be able to decide what theme or color palette to pick for your rooms due to the variety made available to you. Well, this article may help in simplifying your decisions. 


There are two extreme ends of the color palette. A dark theme gives your home a comfortable yet lavish look. On the other hand, a neutral or light theme gives your house a nice luxurious boutique look. Both themes can be contrasted and matched in different rooms of the house. It’s up to you to decide what you want and how you envision your perfect home. 


Dark Theme 

A dark theme can create a unique vibe for your house and give your living room or bedroom an otherworldly factor. There are multiple ways you can use a dark theme in your rooms. For example, you can choose the right furniture and décor that compliments these colors. Due to their dark nature, you might think that rooms painted with a black-dominant color combination or dark colors may create a scary or extreme look; however, these colors are known to accentuate certain features of the room that may have gone unnoticed. For example, the ceiling and the foundations of the room can be highlighted through a dark aesthetic. 


Executive Painting Services offer a professional paint service in Orange and Sullivan County, New York. Their professionals will provide the best options and help you bring a beautiful look to your rooms. Our experts know that dark paint can make the room look smaller and should be used as an accent in your master bedroom, bathroom, or living room.  


Neutral Theme 

A friendly neutral theme, such as white and pink variations, can brighten up your space in more ways than you can imagine. Freshen your home’s interior with a light tone and create a comfortable environment. Use a warm shade of white in rooms where you want a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, such as the living room or patio.  


Hallways and foyers look more welcoming if they have a natural aesthetic. Use a cool shade of white, pink, or blue for a more contemporary look, and enhance the look with furniture and décor that compliments the room. Neutral themes can also bring your interior decorations into the spotlight. For example, a new painting, sofa, or vase will look even more appealing with a natural backdrop. 


Place your trust in Executive Painting Services, and you will only get the best outcome. We are a team of experts that will ensure you get the perfect look for your home. Email them on or call +1 845-604-8040 and get expert advice from the paint professionals in Orange and Sullivan County, New York.  

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