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Transform Your Living Room With Color


A living room or common room is one of the most-used rooms of a house. It’s the center point for family time and entertainment. A home is incomplete without a beautiful living room that is warm and welcoming – a place that is comfortable for all members of the family.  

If you’re living room doesn’t give off that vibe, perhaps a makeover is what it needs. Surprisingly, just redoing the paint can completely alter its feel and ambiance without having to replace the furniture and fixtures too.


Painting Your Living Room 

It’s important to decide the right color scheme and palette for your living room. You must make sure it matches or complements your living room furniture, kitchen if it is attached to the living room and/or the foyer.  

You want the color to blend in with the rest of house and also be inviting for everyone.  

Often times, people find it difficult to decide what tone will work best for their living room, and also if it will look good with the color scheme of the rest of the house. Let us breakdown some categories for you: 

  • Bright and vibrant: A living room with luminous colors can really bring out your living room and create a welcoming and joyful tone.  

  • Mild colors: Picking a color scheme that is neutral will allow the natural beauty of your garden or patio to flow in perfectly, creating a natural tone.  

  • Plain White: A simple color coat can expose the intricate designs and woodwork of your house, creating an authentic tone.  

  • Fabric and/or Wallpaper: Having a curated outlook of your living room walls using fabric or wallpaper can really create a show stopper room. It will drive attention towards your living room, creating a unique tone.  

  • Northern Exposure: This cool blue-grey color with a splash of violet is a great shade for your living room, it can help create an intense yet soft tone and really bring out your furniture in the room.

Living Room Painting: Executive Painting Services In Orange/Sullivan Counties 

Well, we at Executive Painting Services are here to give you exactly what you want! 

Executive Painting services located in Orange and Sullivan counties, New York offer the best Painting color scheme options and professional designing assistance. Living room design and painting is our forte and we’re honored to help you!  


Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to get more information about our completed projects and the services we offer.  

Call us +1 845-604-8040 or email at to find out more!  

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